A Very Big Thank You To Our Business Monthly Sponsors

Owner: Rodrigo DaSilva

Phone:  (470)-269-1277

Email :  rod9usa@hotmail.com

Type of Business: Business Consulting

Owner: Carolina DaSilva

Phone:  (470)-269-1276

Email :  mamaeusa@gmail.com

Type of Business: Exporting Goods

Owner: Rogerio Cordero

Phone:  (941) 343 5160

Type of Business : Marble and Granite

Owner: Daniel Silva

Phone:  (678)-756-539

Email    daniel@alphadandr.com

Type of Business: Construction 

Owner: Silvio Fernandes

Phone:  (508) 904-2839

Email    silviousa40@gmail.com

Type of Business: Roofing

Website: www.thebetterroofingma.com

Owner: Wanderson Silva

Phone:  (508) 561-3431

Type of Business: Painting and Cleaning

Contact: Shirley Espinosa

Phone:  (678) 556 - 5801

Email    clmqualityatlanta@gmail.com

Type of Business: Countertops

A Very Big Thank You To Our Individual Monthly Sponsors

Marise Do Vale

CIA Atlanta (Business)

Erika Heredia 

CIA Worcester (Business)

Daniel Heredia

CIA Worcester

Breno Lemos


Daniel Silva

CIA Atlanta

Sasha Medina

CIA Johnston

David Heredia

CIA Worcester (Business)

CIA Worcester

Caio Sobrinho

CIA Atlanta

Sasha Medina

CIA Johnston RI

Siuman & Alessandra


Marilia Mendonca

Lucia Lopes

CIA Ft. Myers (Business)

CIA Ft. Myers

Douglas Fernandes 

US Army

Pastor Joseph

CIA Johnston RI

Alexandra Makor 

Ana Flores

CIA Atlanta

Christian Heredia

CIA Worcester


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